Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chimpanzee with the munchies and harboring a fugative!

Weird title but that pretty much sums up the last three weeks or so, and its also an accurate description of how my family thinks of me. True story.

Cheryl and I were watching the BCS title game between Florida and Oklahoma. It was right near the end of the game and Florida had secured the win. With every big win comes the ritualistic dousing of the coach with Gatorade. As we sat there watching Urban Myer swim out of the river of Orange drink, I turned to Cheryl and mentioned that it looked like Tang and then told her how much I love Tang.
"Seriously," she said, "Tang is nasty!!! The only people that drink Tang are Astronauts and Chimpanzees!"
My reply, "AAAAhhhhhhh, so you think I'm Outta This World!!....sorta like an Astronaut!"
She looked my square in the eyes, "Nope!"

.....strike one

I walked into the house the other day and was immediately greeted by Savannah. She had her typical smile, her mischievous look, and she was hiding something behind her back. I was instantly curious and so I said,
"Hi Nannah, what do you have?"
Her reply,
"Mom bought it for me and YOU CAN'T EAT IT!!!!"
Still not knowing what it is, I inquired a little further, just to find out that it was a new Webkin, (a little stuffed animal thing). WHAT THE HELL!! I don't know about you, but I often have these uncontrollable urges to EAT PLUSH TOYS!

.....strike two

For Christmas, one of Gabes' gifts was a remote control truck. After a few hours of charging, our front room was quickly converted into a monster truck rally. Back and forth, climbing piles of shoes, jumping books, and chasing sisters. All seemed well, and then the unspeakable happened.
"Uhhhhhhhh.....Mooooooooom......we might have a problem!"
Instantly, everyone froze and we waited to hear what disaster had taken place. Did he tip over the Christmas tree, bang into his sister too hard?
Not quite sure if she even wanted to know, Cheryl went in to survey the damage.
"What did you do this time?", she asked as she braced herself for the worst.
"I sorta ran over baby Jesus."

.....strike three

So, to sum things up, Cheryl thinks I am a chimp, Savannah thinks that I'll eat anything in sight, and Gabe is Judas. Were did I go wrong?


Fonzareli said...

It must be a twin thing or something but EVERY time I need a pick me up...there you are!! Thanks for the smile today.

C.B. said...

Your posts make me laugh everytime.

Sterling said...

Fret no longer Thony. I have some solace for you:

1. Tang IS delicious, and GOOD for you. Tang was invented by William A Mitchell who also invented Poprocks another delicious treat.

2. Is Savannah's Webkin by chance name Tang? Could be she thought she heard you say you would like to drink her Webkin.

3. The runned over baby Jesus was just a figurine, a graven image, a false idol. I think Jesus might have condoned such actions.

See there, now don't you feel better? Yeah, I thought so.

jess said...

in high school, i once snorted tang up my nose in a desperate attempt to understand why people would snort cocaine.

it resulted in orange snot for at least a day or two.

i have nothing to say about #2. LOL.

running over the baby jesus was nothing more than accident, i am quite certain.

Bob and Marie said...

Where did you ever find that picture of a bald crazed chimpanzee? WOW! As usual, hilarious!

Cazier Family said...

Tang is good. I like to drink it hot when I'm camping. Have you tried it hot. Oh, tell your cute wife hi for me.

Cazier Family said...

Wait, I just noticed you don't have us on your blog list. You hate us don't you?

Alberto said...
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