Sunday, April 5, 2009

Revolutionizing the NBA

I'm sitting here, watching basketball on T.V., and I'm amazed at the efforts these professional athletes take to keep their muscles warm while sitting on the bench. They have on their game jerseys, t-shirts, towels over their shoulders, and their warm-ups on top of all of that. I can't help but think that there is a better solution. There has to be some way to keep these athletes warm, while eliminating all those bulking layers. I have the solution, THE SNUGGIE! The possibilities are endless. Not only will this little gem keep your whole body warm, but just as advertised, their hands would be free, so they could still clap for their teammates or....hydrate. Beyond that, I see prime advertising space on the front of the snuggie. It's like a walking billboard, Gatorade, Nike, and local sponsors of these games would be thrilled to see their respective logos grace the front of the snuggie. You might think its far fetched, but I would venture a guess that in the next two or three years, your gonna see it happen.