Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Designers Block

...I need some inspiration!!!

So, lately I've found myself totally uninspired. I don't have any new, fresh ideas floating around in my head. Normally this is ok, but I need some inspiration right about....ahhhh...NOW!! I've been pretty busy at my job and I've had a chance to do a couple of freelance jobs at home. But in the midst of all of that, I dont feel like I'm getting any new ideas or fresh perspective. So, I've decided to make a list of things that might help inspire, motivate, or otherwise push me towards greatness and total world domination....or at least some new design ideas.

1. DRUGS!?
2. Do the polar plunge, nothing inspires change like getting in a pair of swimming trunks and jumping in a freezing lake.
3. Yoga; for the longest time I thought that this was simply a cartoon bear that stole "picanic baskets"!!
4. Stare at the ceiling with my mouth half open....oh wait, thats what I'm doing now.
5. DRUGS!?
6. Become "at one" with nature. I cant help but think that hugging a tree could do wonders for self introspection.
7. Chain myself to my chair until something FANfreakinTASTIC happens.
8. Go check out the magazines at Borders. I did this once while I was still in school, I fell asleep. I recieved absolutely NO inspiration....but I wasnt nearly as crabby when I finally woke up.
9. Take a trip. (see 's 1 and 5)
10. Beg and plead for any advice from YOU.

So, there ya have it. I'm all dried up on the inspiration and motivation front. If you can think of anything else that I should add to my list, let me know. I'll compile a new list with your ideas and we'll sell them to that "7 habits" guy and we'll be rich.