Thursday, June 19, 2008

Letter to Subway

Dear Lady at the Subway restaurant,

Thank you so much for the delicious sandwich you made me the other day. A 6" turkey on wheat never ceases to tickle the ole' taste buds. However, I am wondering if I could offer a few words of advice for the next time I come in.

#1 Mop your floor....with something other than Sprite. Its bad enough that I have to wait in a line, but waiting in line and having to stand on a sticky floor!!! Every time I inched forward, my shoes wanted to stay where they were. Not cool!!! I felt like I had just stepped in a giant wad of chewed gum.

#2 It was a joke! I know that Jared didn't actually loose all his weight by doing the "sticky floor workout" every time he came into your blessed restaurant. I was trying to be funny. OK, I get it, it wasn't the best joke in the world, but I could really do without the breakdown of Jareds' actual workout routine. Furthermore, whenever somebody responds to your comments with a barely audible "hmmmm"...and then quickly looks down at their shoes (sticky shoes now), its usually a good sign that they don't give a crap what you are talking about.

#3 When you ask what I would like on my sandwich and I reply with "everything but olives"...that could be a pretty good sign that I would like EVERYTHING BUT OLIVES!!!
You: Carrots?
Me: Yes please.
You: Spinach?
Me: ...uuuhhhhh, yeah, thanks.
You: Yellow and Jalepeno peppers?
Me: Ya know! I realize I said I wanted everything but olives, but its apparent your second-guessing my decisions for a reason. Lets just go ahead and skip the yellow and jalepeno peppers and you put on whatever you think would be good.
You: It's your sandwich sir, you can have whatever you like.
Me: Oh that case.....let's have EVERYTHING BUT OLIVES!!!

#4 Again, it was just a joke! You told me my total, $5.32 I think, and then I gave you $6...I got it, change is coming. When change comes out of the front of the till, I am well aware that I did not, in fact, just win the Utah lottery. I realize you have an automatic coin dispenser thing-a-ma-jig. I couldnt possibly expect someone of your caliber to stoop to the level of actually counting out correct change.

I hope you will find these few suggestions helpful. Any concerns or comments can be posted in the "comments" section directly below.


Friday, June 6, 2008

A letter to me

Dear teen Thony,

I am writing this letter to you from the future. You can read this however you want, a series of advice, a heads up, or total crap, all of which may be an accurate description, depending on your state of mind. I don't care how you read this, all I care is that you read it.

Right now you are in High School and I have to admit, your pretty good looking, despite the seemingly uncontrollable acne. Don't worry, things clear up, just keep doing what your doing. Seriously though, you really need to quit letting people decide who or what you are. Putting too much stock in other peoples opinion of yourself will ruin your self esteem for a long time. Besides, as soon as you graduate from High School, (yeah, you graduate) you will only see a handful of your classmates on occasion. YOU need to figure out who YOU are, and run with that.

Your mom is gonna be one of your best friends. Always hang onto that. However, this doesn't mean that you have to do everything that she wants you to do. She may want you to...get a perm in your hair. (purely hypothetical, of course) Remember this: "perm" and "handsome young man" do NOT, under any circumstances belong in the same sentence. Don't be fooled!! She does have some good advice. Work hard and be happy.

You have some dead time between High School and a mission, take better advantage of this time. It might not hurt to consider going to college. If nothing else, you could at least start saving money for such a cause, it might actually come in handy later on. *wink wink Enjoy the time you have and the people you associate with, a lot of these people could turn into lifelong friends if you do your part. Never underestimate the effect you might have on someone else's life. People actually like you for you and value your opinion and your friendship, don't take this lightly.

I'm gonna jump ahead a little bit, the mission is good. Take it for what it is and know that it helps you more than anyone. Remember these names...Dakota Karnes and DALPIAZ. Keep your head up and don't get discouraged, anyone can change. Your a good example of that. Also remember that things don't necessarily begin and end with you .

Don't dwell on the past so much. Here and now is just as good as what could have been. Live in the now. You're only regret will be if you sit and feel sorry for yourself. If you don't like it, change it. Don't wait for people or circumstances to change, your pretty capable of good things if you just work at it. Don't be scared to commit to something. You'll figure out that everybody has to stand for something.

You need to be more conservative in your spending habits. If you are faced with a decision, lets say, a mountain bike or a piano....for the love of all that is holy, pick the bike. Its a lot less expensive and regardless of how cool the piano is, you don't ever learn how to play. If your so damn convinced that you need to learn an instrument, choose something smaller, like a guitar, you might actually like it and someday you could be a "Guitar Hero".

As far as dating is concerned, just do what you do. This ends up good!!! If some hot girl on campus, maybe around Darwin Avenue (yeah, you go to college...messed up huh!) "rests" her hand on yours, for hells sake, grab that hand and never let go. She is one of the best things that could ever happen to you. She'll get upset with you....often, and you may think that she is plotting your death, and maybe she is, but deep down I think she likes you. A LOT!!

A few more helpful things to remember
GOOGLE- consider investing. I know its a funky name but it might be worth a shot.

Knee surgery on September 10, 2001. The day after, just keep things quiet. It doesn't end well. Keep the TV off and enjoy your family.

As crazy as it sounds, names like Smoo, Gabey baby, and Nanna bug will be some of your best friends.

I guess when it comes right down to it, your on the right track...for the most part. You have a ton of things to look forward to. Set your goals high and do be so concerned with failing. Think of it as experience.

See ya in a few years,

Future Thony