Monday, April 7, 2008

Reality Check

Typically, I use this little corner of the web to store all my assorted complaints, and to otherwise document all life injustices that have fallen on me. However, I have been dealt a pretty swift reality check, and I am forced to least for this post, that life doesn't completely suck, and I am extremely lucky.

* I have a tolerant wife, one who loves all of her family unconditionally, which is no easy task at times.
* I have a son who is my little shadow, and would walk the world over to try to please his parents.
* I have a daughter who is full of energy and life.
* I am fortunate enough to work at a place I love, doing a job I love.



Ginger said...

Sometimes life just jumps up and grabs you by the cheeks and says, "Look at how good you've got it!". I had a few of those this week, too. Glad to hear that you love your job, it's always nice to enjoy what you have to do to support your family. LOVE YA!

Sterling Ungerman Family said...

I am sure I can help you identify some overlooked injustices in your life, like day light savings, how ridiculous is that! And hangnails! They are the worst! Percolate that through your angst maker and sit back and enjoy a steaming cup of brooding. You will be back to normal in no time.

pixiepoo said...

It's always good to count your blessings! We love your kids!

Cazier Family said...

Ha Ha I found your blog.

Ginger said...

Please see my blog for the bulk of my comment, it involves you. Love ya!