Monday, March 31, 2008

But Grown-up rhymes with Throwin' up!!

I love my life. I have a good life. I have a fantastic family, I like the work that I do, I have a dashboard hula dancer for hell's sake...what more could a guy want!! Some of you (all of you) might think I act a bit childish at times (all the time), but lets consider the alternative. I could act GROWN UP!

This idea popped into my head the other day as my family and I were wandering aimlessly through the aisles of a popular big box store. In one spot in the store, they had a Playstation 3 hooked up to a ginormous TV, with the 'Rockband' game, and all of its assorted paraphernalia (drums, guitar, microphone, etc.) tempting the masses that sauntered by. *I instantly started drooling! Then I watched as kids lined up, waiting to play, and their parents slowly creeping out of the way. This seemed like a non-verbal disclaimer that they were in no way to be associated with a silly video game, but instead they were only supervising. Needless to say, Gabe and I were all over the chance to play. I realize that I should probably be embarrassed, as I was the only one in the long line of onlookers that was over 4 feet tall. oops! I guess I failed to see the height marker, you know the ones..."you must be under 48" to enjoy life at all, anyone over 48" is invited to a checkbook balancing seminar, after which we will discuss, in depth, the topic of illegal killing of Rhino's in Africa and the effects it has on third-world countries.....and thank you for visiting the most magical place on earth!"

*lets take a break, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!


Angie said...

I couldn't agree more. Why is it okay for little kids to just get out of the bathtub and run to wal-mart with Mom and Dad in their jammies. Honestly, don't we all at some point say..."Oh, how cute. Couldn't you just eat them?" Well guess what. It's not so cute when a mommy (not that I have EVER done this) goes into walmart in her pj's. No one wants to eat me. I just get stared at from head to toe and I am the one who ends up saying to them... "EAT ME, PUNK"! They're just jealous that I (oops, I mean whoever wears their jammies in public) can pull it off.

Sterling Ungerman Family said...

I had a spot saved for you in the cognitive degradation through the consumption of semi-gelatinous food sorts, class. It was riveting. Especially when they broke out the powerpoint presentation and showed multi-colored bar graphs. Now I know why you never showed up.

Tom and Audrie said...

If it makes you feel better I always find Tom playing the games at whatever store we are at and I don't think he cares!!! If you ever want to come and play Wii/XBOX with him hiding in our downstairs where no one can see you give us a ring. Thanks for the comment on my blog...did you just laugh when she said it????

pixiepoo said...

Patrick would have been right there with you if it makes you feel better!