Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Official.....I'm an Idiot!!

Recently, I was given a little hula girl that goes on the dashboard of your it. Its pretty funny to be driving down the street and see Muhana (that is her name) standing there, perfectly content to just dance. However, some of the streets here are not very conducive to hula dancing, so Muhana doesnt get to "shaka the money maka."

*enter idiot

One would think that I would be appreciative of such smooth roads. One might think that I could be just a little bit patient...after all, there is bound to be a bump or two coming right up.....That's a big NOPE! The idiot in me has to make Muhana dance. It's borderline compulsive at this point. I don't think I'd go so far as to say I am driving reckless, but I'm definitely hurting my chances of eligibility for that "Safe Driving Bonus Check" from Allstate.

There is just something strangely entertaining about seeing Muhana up on the dash, gently swaying back and forth. Sometimes I like to move my steering wheel to the same cadence at which she is swaying. The more she sways, the more I move, the more I move, the more she sways....can you see the problem with this. I am starting to remind myself of those kids you see at night, you know the ones...its always the cars that have more passengers than seatbelts, the stereo is inflicting is methodical thump on every car within six miles, and the driver is obviously being attacked by a swarm of killer bees, cause he is all over the place. I guess deep down, I can start to sympathize with these kids now. Maybe its not bees, maybe they have a Muhana of their very own. Maybe they aren't bouncin' to Snoop Dogg, maybe....just maybe they are listening to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, gently strumming his ukulele. (It could happen)

I guess I should take hope in the fact that I have admitted I have a problem. (admission is the first step to recovery) Perhaps I just need to come up with alternate forms of entertainment....I think I'll go for a drive while I think about that!!!


Angie said...

Ya got any fries to go with that shake?

Michelle said...

OK, so I have been planning on posting something JUST like this. I finally got me a MALE hulla dancer when I was in Hawaii. Did I mention that I was lucky enough to go to Hawalli? Cause I was there last week and it was sunny and warm and sunny. Luckily I have LOTS of bumpy roads to drive on. Bet you wish you were me living in Meridian.

Anthony said...

oh open wound....lets dump salt in it!!!!

Tom and Audrie said...

You make me laugh!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Stacie said...

How can you stand to have a girl dancing on your dashboard all the time? Does it get distracting?