Monday, April 21, 2008

Clarification or insight?

Since my last post many of you have pointed out that something must have happened to prompt such a 'feel good' post. Ummm...thanks!

A couple of days before my previous post, my family and I were able to go to a community BBQ of sorts held at a local grocery store with all the proceeds going towards a co-worker and his family. Throughout the past 6 to 9 months, their 10 year old girl has been waging a valiant fight against terminal brain cancer. 10 YEARS OLD WITH BRAIN CANCER!!! I think about that and quickly dismiss any inconvenient quirks I find wrong with the world...and there are many. (stay tuned, I can't keep my mouth shut for much longer!!!)

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Ginger said...

There always seems to be something around that makes us remember why we don't want somebody else's problems. I'm glad you gave us a little clarification, and I'm anxiously awaiting more of your grievances. Don't keep us waiting too much longer, please.